Our History

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Art Beast Children's Studio

+ an acre of land

+ the legacy of Tiny Tots, Sacramento's longest running parent participation preschool

= Muck and Wonder Farm School

Tiny Tots Parent Participation Preschool, which opened in 1949, was the longest running parent participation preschool in the Sacramento area. Generations of children graduated from their play-based, open air learning environment through the years.

Art Beast Children's Studio, opened in 2009, has been dedicated to providing creative space for children and families to engage with the arts and one another.

In 2018, Art Beast Children's Studio was offered the space. We jumped at this opportunity to imagine Art Beast's values and celebration of play transposed into a space with a huge outdoors.

The property houses a newly remodeled and updated play-based, parent participation preschool focused on child-directed play and building a vibrant community of families.  The environment continues in the legacy of Tiny Tots and in the tradition of Art Beast,  creating spaces that offer opportunity for inventive, interactive, and child-directed play. 

Art Beast and Muck and Wonder Farm School are programs of Waking the Village. As with all Waking the Village programs, the proceeds from Muck & Wonder Farm School help sustain our programs for children and youth overcoming homelessness. The community of families gathering at this school helps build healthy communities for more families in Sacramento.

Our Space

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The school features a 1200 square foot building with an art studio, a builders space, dramatic play spaces, a loft, and a library.

The outdoor space includes climbing structures, swings, dirt and asphalt trails for riding bikes, gardens, a playhouse, and lots of room to move and explore.


Our Director

Jenna Maggard leads the teachers and parent volunteers in upholding Muck and Wonder’s mission, vision, and curriculum. Prior, Jenna created Starlight Cottage which focused on learner-led, play-focused curriculum in a Waldorf-inspired environment. During the four years of creating, directing and teaching at Starlight Cottage, Jenna became interested in the Forest School Movement and piloted her own forest school component: Dragonfly Forest School.

Jenna has worked in a variety of early childhood education environments, from highly structured state programs to play-based-outdoor models (Juniper Tree Playschool) where she spent 4 years teaching. During her time at Juniper Tree, Jenna became inspired and devoted to play-based models of early learning and the much needed socio-emotional development focus that a play-based models offer. Among her years teaching in early childhood, Jenna also spent
over a decade designing and leading yoga, ballet, and movement classes for preschool age children at Art Beast Children's Studio, and also designed Yoga & Mindfulness curriculum for school-age children experiencing poverty and lack of physical education in the Sacramento Delta region for the non-profit, Center of Movement. Jenna spent last summer teaching Forest Preschool for Trackers Earth in Berkeley, CA.

Jenna is a mother of 2 children. She loves music, dance, playing the guitar, kundalini yoga, her chickens, her home and her children. She holds a certification to teach yoga, a Mindful Schools certification, is a certified Massage Therapist, has worked as a preschool teacher for 14 years and completed her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education at Pacific Oaks College. Given her years of
experience in leadership, education, farm-life upbringing, and her devotion to outdoor and play-based education for early childhood, she was the right fit to direct Muck and Wonder Farm School.