Why Parent Participation?

Parent Participation Preschools place a big value on an active partnership among parents, teachers, and children. Parents bring their love and understanding of their child. Teachers bring expertise in creating powerful learning experiences. Children bring their spirits and possibilities. Together we shape a community that greets each child, while also extending support to one another on the parenting journey.

What do parents do when they are participating in the day?

Parents participate in all sorts of ways! Parents observe, engage, model peaceful interactions, share expertise, and work in tandem with other parents and teachers to maintain a learning space that greets children's curiosity.

When completing a shift, parents are aides to the teachers. These extra hands allow the children greater freedom to roam. They also allow children to tackle messier or more complex projects that typically would not be undertaken with a teacher solely responsible for 12 children. When a parent arrives for a shift, s/he checks the schedule for a space assignment and reviews the details for that station. Parents may also coordinate with the Director to bring planned activities– anything from playing music for a song circle, leading a cooking project or science experiments, or guiding children in art experiences.

Parents also participate in monthly community jobs and annual community events. Each month jobs are posted for the taking. Some parents prune trees. Some helm the class photos. Some tackle supply runs. Some repair and repaint. Monthly jobs typically involve no more than two hours of work. There are monthly jobs that can be completed entirely off the school site.

What is my commitment each month?

The participation requirement: 

1. Participate in the classroom 1 shift a week.

2. Pick and complete a monthly job. (Two hours max)

3. Attend scheduled parent meetings (every other month) during the school year.

4. Complete one project day during the year, consisting of 4 hours.

Who can complete the hours?

Any adult selected by the registered family can complete the hours. This might be grandparents, nannies, aunts, uncles, or other relatives. We do ask that a consistent person complete the shift so that they build relationships with the children, teachers, and other adults.

What if I can't participate as a class aide?

Limited participation memberships are available on a case-by-case basis. Those families pay an increased tuition and are responsible for requirements 2 to 4 above. Limited participation families do not have to work a shift in the school.