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muck & wonder

farm school


A stomping ground for children to experience the awe and challenge of each day

Muck and Wonder Farm School is a licensed parent participation preschool for children 2 years 9 months through 5 years old. Children and their grown ups join our community of learning to engage in joyful creation, to offer and accept support, and to connect to the possibilities of a space that welcomes good ideas and best effort.



We believe in community.

We believe the best learning environments are brave enough to have teachers, parents, and children that grow to need one another.

We believe in stone soup! Children and their grown ups offer their strengths, ideas, and energy to brew the possibilities of each day.

We believe inclusion does not mean merely adding in a month to celebrate different experiences, but is about infusing multiculturalism and diversity into the fabric of our lives.

We believe there are stories to be listened to (and told). We believe wisdom mutters and croons from many lips and corners of the world. The best education gives us the courage to chase it in many places and the presence to recognize it’s always before us.

Children chase their ideas.

Learning is created- not poured in. We believe skills are taught but an education constructed as each child builds meaning and answers curiosity. We can teach skills while leaving lots of elbow room for creativity, individual passion, and community vision.

Muck & Wonder Farm School is territory for exploring. Our children are welcomed and empowered to tinker, build friendships, test strengths, wander, take it all in, and give much back.

Children blossom when they are given endless opportunity to offer their energy, their voice, and their vision to our world.

In the joy and frustration of seeing an idea through and of working as a team, children learn to give-and-take,  to insist and concede, to make room for quiet voices, and to persevere.




People need nature.

Children belong in nature. We do not need to teach them to revere nature; their relationship will build through walking, gardening, climbing and being a part of the natural world.

Children will be outdoors every day. Getting muddy. Getting wet. Shivering. Sweating. Catching raindrops. Counting clouds. Discovering that the outdoors is as much as a classroom as a playground.

 Animals we interact with have much to teach us about unconditional love, stubbornness, playfulness, and the joy of being just who you are.  The goats of Muck and Wonder Farm School are ready with their lessons.